the "Grobes Gewächs"

Who we are


Three friends form the small Rosa-Stickel winery. Daniel Launspach, Joschka Scholt and Matthias Breuer share a bond with the Rheingau and wine. Our vineyards are our anchor at home.

What we do

We're joining the club and mix them up! In Rheingau we are having with our Müller-Thurgau wine a grape variety that is atypical for the region in order to stand up to the other plants.

With the "Grobes Gewächs", we offer tasty, light white wines that provide conversation pieces and cheerful hours.


Rosa Stickel

Daniel Launspach

Am Eibinger Tor 1

65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein


Matthias Breuer

Joschka Scholt

Facebook: Rosa Stickel


We love what we do

Discover the "Grobes Gewächs"... and learn more about us. In our shop you can conveniently order the different vintages of Grobes Gewächs to your home. Have fun while enjoying.